For Adults

We love the whole family, from birth to death…..and beyond!

Seriously though we recognise that adults have different needs to children and young people, and as such we realise that there is a need for spaces where we can develop our understanding of who God is. Part of how we do this is by making space in our lives for relationships with those who like what we like, and then going on a journey of discovery together.

Small Groups

These are groups of folks that what to know more about God and the life He calls us to through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. How we do this will look different to different people. So we have groups focused around things like Crafts, Walking or Cycling. We have discussion groups, Bible Study and prayer groups. All of these are helpful ways of being ‘us’ whilst searching for and discovering how to live Christ like lives.

Men’s Ministry

We recognise that men have often struggled to connect with Jesus in this modern age. We want to try and overcome this by providing a way and space for men to plug into Jesus.

This might include games nights, meals out, discussions, cinema trips or even weekends away to events that are directly focused toward men.  In addition there will be space for men, without embarrassment, to talk about things that bother them, be that life, health, faith or anything else.

Women’s Ministry

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 (NLT) 

We recognise that women young and old play a valuable part in the life of the church.  Our aim is to support and equip women to live a Jesus-centred life in a tough world, with a programme of events, activities and study aimed directly at ladies that are tailored for them.